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NSMN Top Seller
The Elusive Fan:
Reinventing Sports In A Crowded Marketplace
by Irving Rein, Philip Kotler and Ben Shields
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN-10: 0071454098
ISBN-13: 9780071454094
Format: hardcover
Pages: 300
Retail Price: $29.95
You Save: $11.45
NSMN Price: $18.50
About The Book

Today's sports fan operates in a world saturated with choices. Traditional sports like baseball, football and basketball, must now vie for fans attention (and dollars) with emerging challengers such as NASCAR, snowboarding, lacrosse, poker even paintball. For the first time in history, the sports industry must reexamine fundamental questions about market segmentation, product distribution, and how to handle inevitable crises. The old business formulas, developed in an age of just three television networks and creaky stadiums with backless, uncomfortable seats, no longer apply.

World-renowned communication expert Irving Rein, international marketing guru Philip Kotler, and communication specialist Ben Shields explore the many challenges facing sports today and offer their expert analysis of the current and emerging market trends that are making it so difficult to capture the hearts and minds of today s sports fans. Using a wide mix of case studies from many of today s most successful sports leagues, teams, stars, and facilities, they show how you can:

  • Transform sports products into strong brands that transcend winning and losing
  • Integrate new technologies to engage fans and maximize revenue
  • Build star-powered attractions to drive sports brands
  • Develop enduring connections with fan markets
  • Anticipate and quickly respond to the competitive and cultural trends that affect the sports marketplace

Combining expert analysis with field-tested strategies for winning hearts and minds, The Elusive Fan is your guide to surviving and thriving in today s fragmented, ever-widening world of sports.

Table of Contents

About The Authors

Irving Rein, Ph.D. is a Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University's School of Communication. He is an internationally known expert in public communication and popular culture. He is a communication advisor to numerous highly visible places, organizations, and individuals. He has authored twelve books, including High Visibility, a groundbreaking study of image making. He also serves on Major League Baseball's Commissioner's Initiative for the 21st Century and is a member of the Advisory Board for Northwestern University s Master of Arts in Sports Administration.

Philip Kotler, Ph.D. is the S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management. He has been honored as one of the world s leading marketing thinkers and has received honorary degrees from ten foreign universities. He is the author of 35 books, including Marketing Management, the most widely used marketing book in graduate business schools worldwide, and over one hundred articles. He has been a consultant to IBM, General Electric, AT&T, Bank of America, Merck, Motorola, Ford, and other global corporations and places.

Ben Shields has done consulting work for a number of organizations on communication issues. His expertise is in sports and technology, and he is a frequent media commentator and speaker on the sports marketing industry. He is the host and producer of The Elusive Fan Podcast, which offers bi-weekly analysis of sports fan connection strategies. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in communication studies at Northwestern University.


"Forget cars, computers and cola. The most competitive arena in marketing is sports. Rein, Kotler and Shields do a brilliant job in analyzing the issues involved in attracting elusive fans who have many more choices today than they have ever had."
Al Ries, author, The Origin of Brands

"The Elusive Fan is the most thorough and comprehensive overview of the sports marketing industry I have seen. The insights and recommendations are a must read for anyone involved or interested in the field."
Brian Billick, Head Coach, Baltimore Ravens

"The authors apply insightful consumer analysis and branding concepts to the practical problems of bringing people to games, attracting eyeballs to sports TV, and opening consumer wallets for merchandise."
Professor Stephen A. Greyser, Richard P. Chapman Professor, Marketing/Communications, Harvard Business School

"The Elusive Fan is a must read for anyone interested in sports marketing strategies -- and the 21st Century world of sports in general."
Bob Dekas, Coordinating Producer-College Basketball, CBS Sports

"Authors Rein, Kotler and Shields have hit a homerun. The Elusive Fan offers a detailed playbook for sports decision makers looking to up their game."
Jonathan Hoenig Fox News personality and portfolio manager at Capitalistpig Hedge Fund LLC

"The Elusive Fan is an essential primer for the past, present, and, most importantly, future of sports."
Jeff Davis, author of Papa Bear: The Life and Legacy of George Halas

"[The authors] bring academic rigor and valuable insight to the occasionally chaotic world of sports marketing."
Dean Bonham and Don Hinchey, The Bonham Group

"The Elusive Fan is a landmark work filling a major deficit in our understanding of the business of sports and particularly the challenge of engaging fans in deep, enduring ways. The insights about connecting with fans and establishing personal relevance makes this must reading for anyone concerned with securing a committed fan base in an increasingly fractured and competitive sports and entertainment environment."
Gerald Zaltman, The Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Harvard Business School, and author of How Customers Think


The Elusive Fan has been featured on ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning, Sporting News Radio, WGN, and other prominent media outlets. The authors have also written articles on sports marketing for publications such as the Sports Business Journal, Chicago Tribune, Brand Strategy, and The Futurist.

The book is already being translated into Dutch, Portuguese, and Turkish and is currently under review in eight other languages including Spanish, Japanese, and Arabic.

For more information on The Elusive Fan, please visit The website includes The Elusive Fan Podcast, a 20-minute bi-weekly show on sports marketing and communication.

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